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Perfect wood fences for your home

New cedar fence in large backyard.

What is so good about having wood fences?

Wood fences are exactly what they sound like - fences made of wood. When someone thinks of a fence, they probably instantly think of a wood fence. It has been the go to choice for many homeowners and continues to remain popular. It can be natural, stained, or painted. Because of this versatility, wood fences are a great choice.

    How do you estimate the cost of a wood fence?

    The cost of installing a wood fence can vary on many factors. Dimensions, wood type, installation site characteristics, and personal preferences all drive up costs. These factors determine project expenses and are important for calculating the total cost.

    The biggest factor is the size of the area that needs fencing. Larger properties need more materials and more labor. Besides, the site must be prepared before the first post gets staked. Existing vegetation must be cleared. Uneven terrain must be excavated. All this adds more to the total cost.

    Another key aspect is the height and style of the fence. Taller fences need longer posts, taller panels, and more reinforcements. This takes more materials and labor. Different styles also have different material requirements and complexities. Installing a picket fence will be different from a lattice panel.

    Local regulations in Gastonia, NC will also determine what type of fence you can build. They can affect the type of wood used, height, and fence line positioning. Navigating the local laws can be complex but our team is here to take this research off your hand.

      How do you quote wood fences?

      At our company, we take a detailed approach when quoting wood fences. We understand that every wood fence is unique and all variables are taken into a good factor.

      Our initial action involves a comprehensive evaluation of property and work site vicinity. We analyze the area's dimensions and determine the precise location for fence installation. Factors such as uneven terrain, existing structures, and landscaping are taken into account.

      We also take into account the type of wood you prefer for your fence. Different wood species vary in cost and availability, and we factor this into the quote. The height. style, and any customizations or extra features will all be calculated.

      We use a transparent quoting process to give you a clear understanding of the costs involved. We will break down costs for the materials, labor, and any extra services needed. Our fence experts will guide you through the quote, explaining each item. We strive to offer competitive pricing that is fair and reasonable for your project.

        New wood fences made of cedar with soil beneath.
        Cedar fences around front yard.

        Fence Company Gastonia NC are experts with wood fences

        What type of wood fence is right for me?

        There are many factors to consider when choosing the type of wood fence. These include your budget, level of privacy needed, local climate, and your preference. With that said, cedar is the most common material used for wood fences. Cedar wood fences are known to last a long time and never warps or shrinks. It is also great at resisting damage from pests. Best of all, it has an attractive, natural look that will enhance any home or business. One downside is that the base will likely need concrete or some similar material. Direct contact with soil and water will likely lead to rot over the years. Pine is another option that is usually cheaper than cedar though it is not as durable. Redwood and Spruce are other alternatives people often use. At the end of the day, the right choice will depend on your specific wants and needs.

          What is so good about a wood fence?

          There are many reasons to install wood fences. No other material is as versatile as them which is why it remains as the most popular. They have a natural look that blends well in any natural or man-made surrounding. It is incredibly versatile and durable. Woods fences can also be customized to fit any size or shape. It is also an eco-friendly choice. The benefits are endless which is why it remains as the most popular choice among homeowners and businesses. Here are some other reason to consider:

          • Wood fences are affordable
          • Wood fences are resistant harsh weather and pets
          • Wood fences look great

          What style of fence fits best for wood?

          Deciding on the style for your wood fence is never an easy decision. Your fence is not a barrier. It is a statement piece that adds charm and character to your home. The fence's intended purpose and your preferences will all play a role in your decision. But once installed, there is no going back without shedding thousands of dollars. Here are some highlights of common wood fence styles:

          • Picket Fence: Nothing screams 'classic' like a picket fence. It adds a welcoming charm to your home without blocking the view. Plus, the spacing between the pickets allows a nice breeze to pass through.
          • Horizontal Fence: To achieve a contemporary aesthetic, you can consider a horizontal fence. Its sleek and minimalist design creates a formidable impression within the community.
          • Lattice Top: Love the idea of privacy but still want a bit of openness? A lattice top fence can strike a perfect balance.
          • Board-on-Board: Ensures privacy, reduces noise, and resists wind. Overlapping boards block views while maintaining an appealing appearance.
          Cedar fences.

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