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What are vinyl fences?

Vinyl fences are a great alternative to wood fences. They are made using synthetic material that can come in a variety of colors and texture. Homeowners typically choose this material when they want a beautiful, modern, and unique look. They are more expensive to install and are prone to warping. Unlike wood, weather can wear down these types of fences. However, they are very low maintenance and owners do not need to worry about frequent repairs. They can easily be cleaned by simply using soap and water. Rot and insects are not a common issue with vinyl fences. In general, these fences provide a great combination of durability, low-maintenance, and great looks.

    Vinyl fence installation

    Although many fence options are available on the market, those made out of vinyl offer a great solution for homeowners who want an attractive and durable fencing material. If you're thinking about having a new fence installed, be sure to consider all of your options - including vinyl! Vinyl fences are typically purchased in buildable pieces which makes it easy to assemble. There are several things to consider when installing vinyl fences. Quality fences come with greater thickness for strength and resistance to natural fading. Gastonia, NC can experience cold weather which means homeowners here need to use vinyl fences that can withstand the cold. The biggest factor to consider is obviously the cost. Purchasing and installing vinyl fences come at a much higher price than its counterparts. However, once the project is complete, you can enjoy a low-maintenance, beautiful looking fence!

      Vinyl fences in Gastonia NC

      How much should I expect to pay for a vinyl fence vs wood fence?

      Vinyl fences are a valuable long-term investment, despite their higher initial cost. They are strong, need minimal maintenance, and end the need for paint, stains, or pest repairs. On average, vinyl fences are 20% to 60% higher than the wood fences, but still depends on the design and height.

      Wood fencing tends to be more cost-effective upfront. It is a classic option that offers a warm, natural aesthetic. But then it requires regular upkeep to keep it in good shape and protect it from harsh weather and pests. In Gastonia, NC, our seasons bring different challenges. So, upkeep is something to consider with wood fences.

      The decision between vinyl and wood fencing comes down to your priorities. You can choose to focus on the lower initial cost and natural ambiance of wood, or opt for the durability of vinyl.

        How much should I expect to pay for a vinyl fence?

        Like any other fence, there are many factors to the cost of vinyl fences. Your specific needs, material, and design preferences all contribute to the cost. Here are some key considerations that can influence the pricing.

        By discussing your specific needs and preferences, you can get clearer costs. Our scope of work is transparent as we list out every work item in the project. The transparency that we work with is what makes us stand out as one of the top fencing companies in Gastonia, NC.

        • Fence Dimensions: Longer and taller fences need more material, support, and labor. Unfortunately, there is no way to cut costs here.
        • Quality of Materials: The quality and grade of the vinyl materials used affects the price. Higher-quality vinyl looks better and lasts longer. But, this will come with a bigger price tag.
        • Terrain: The terrain, ground conditions, and vegetation can add complexity of the installation. Groundwork to prepare the site will incur extra costs to the project.
        • Customizations and Accessories: Optional features can increase the cost of the vinyl fence.

        Vinyl fence design options

        One big advantage of vinyl fences is that they come in all types of designs and styles. Everything from color, accents, and texture, it all comes down to your preference.

        • Neutral Colors: Vinyl fences in colors like white, gray, black, and brown are popular.These hues blend with the surroundings, adding a sophisticated touch to your property.
        • Brighter Colors: Want your fence to make a statement? Consider vibrant colors like red, orange, or green. They can infuse your yard with a lively, joyful energy.
        • Texture Choices: Smooth or textured, what's your pick? Smooth vinyl fences offer a modern look, while textured ones has the rustic touch to your home.
        • Picket or Privacy: Vinyl fences offer more than a variety of colors and textures. They also provide versatile design options to suit your specific needs. If you desire a charming and open feel, a picket fence might be the right choice. So, a privacy fence will ensure the greatest privacy.
        • Decorative Accents: Consider adding a lattice top or decorative post caps for a dash of style. These can enhance the look of your vinyl fence.
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